Our Story

Inception of FoodFuel

It was a beautiful Sunday morning. I was feeling lucky! I had returned home after a long stint in a popular Middle Eastern country 😉 and I had just started using my 2 week VIP stay coupons with my parents. My mom brings out this absolutely amazing dish to the table and starts feeding me. I relish each bite, slowly and steadily and during this meal, the thought popped into my mind. The rest of the city is missing out on this. Everyone must try this dish. I became senti and said it out loud. Each and every person in Pune is going to enjoy this experience.

That was the inception of FoodFuel.  As filmy as it may sound, this is exactly what happened. There was absolutely no smart business idea or a plan.

So now here is the deal.. these are my mum’s recipes which she swore never to let out.  Truth be told, if you see my parents, they would remind you of Frank and Marie from Everybody love Raymond.  She’s been extremely generous with her time and talent and you guys are about to embark onto this divine… allow me to rephrase, its kick ass awesome food that’s going to tank you up to kill that mountain you’re facing.

And by the way, I did meet a lot of smart people along the way… who helped me put this together!!!


This business is up for sale. Contact +91 7507222005 for more details. Dismiss